The first thing you need to know about social media is that it’s not just for kids, and it isn’t just for entertainment. It’s also a very effective strategy for marketing your business. Social media matters for your business because it’s accessible, impactful, and inexpensive. We recommend social media to all our franchise partners - it can do wonders for business! 

Remember that social media is essentially a forum for communication. It’s an opportunity to build trust with prospective clients, who may visit your profiles online as part of their research process. It’s an opportunity for people to get to know your business - learn about what you do, why you do it, and get a sense of the culture of your company. It’s also an opportunity to engage with current and future clients, by answering questions they want to ask behind their keyboard, before getting in touch in person. Basically, social media makes your business…human! We’ve seen how effective social media has been for our franchise partners in building their business. No matter what business you are in or are considering, social media matters!

1. Improved brand awareness

The foundation of any profitable business is brand awareness. Social media gives you access to several channels that allow you to increase your brand awareness and earn customer loyalty. You just need to be PRESENT! This means picking your channel - whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn – and sharing valuable content with your audience. 

You might think that you will need to invest a lot of time and money into your social media strategies but this isn’t true. You can do this yourself, if you do your research right and find the best way to engage prospects and clients. It’s enough to dedicate only a couple hours per week to see the results. As your audience engaged with your stories with likes, follows, comments, and shares, you’ll get more traffic and connect with more people.

2. Increased traffic

Social media is a powerful way to bring traffic into a website. Our franchise partners all have their own location page on our website, which links with their social media profiles. When your followers engages with the content posted, it reaches their circle - which expands the number of people who view your business online.

It works like this - your followers share your stories with their followers, and then their followers may share them with theirs and…so on. It is an exponential expansion of visibility for your business, your brand, and your website.

3. Better SEO

Ahhhh the SEO game! Search engine optimization is an ongoing battle to adjust and adapt. With search engines always changing their algorithms, it’s a constant effort to keep up and relevant. One of the benefits of being in a franchise system is that the website is managed and maintained by head office - so franchise partners can focus on their business. Social media is an effective way to connect with influencers and other businesses in their franchise territory. Though social media is not directly connected to improved SEO, statistics show that more than businesses report an improvement in their ranking after one year or longer of using social media regularly to promote their business.

Due to the relationship between SEO and social media, be strategic with using target search terms and high quality content in your feeds. Photos, stories, blogs, infographics, stats - be creative and stay on message. influencers to notice you, write about your business and provide backlinks. This will lead to improved search engine rankings, new followers, new leads, new business, loyal clients and a successful business!