What does culture mean to you? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as, “the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or social group. In business, culture generally means the purpose behind the policies and procedures that are in place. As Simon Sinek famously says, it starts with why. But why does company culture matter in business?

Company culture impacts every aspect of the working day. It affects how we interact with clients, and with co-workers. Company culture can make the difference between loving what you do, and hating it. For example, you may enjoy the functions of being an accountant. But if the company culture you are in doesn’t match your personality and your ethics, then you won’t enjoy your work there as an accountant.

Whether you are looking for a new job, or a franchise opportunity, company culture matters. It matters for your own sense of satisfaction, and it matters to the business. When franchisees, managers, and staff are all aligned with and engaged in the culture and purpose of the business, it creates great things. Fitting into a company’s culture is as important for you as it is important for the company.

Company Culture at Concierge Home Services

Here is a great example of how company culture matters - from our business. The adult children choose Concierge Home Services to provide regular housecleaning for their elderly mum. One of our staff visits every 2 weeks to clean her apartment, her fridge, and take out the garbage. At a recent visit, our staff noticed signage in the building to alert residents of a fire drill that week. Respect and attention to detail is a big part of our culture, so she took care to mention the fire drill to our client. Sure enough - our client had no idea. Without our staff sharing that information and making sure she had it marked on her calendar, a senior with mobility issues would have been scared in her home, thinking she was trapped in a building on fire.

Needless to say, our client was very grateful to have the peace of mind of knowing it was a drill. We celebrated our employee, whose small action made a big difference to the life of our client.

Why Company Culture Matters

Here are a few reasons why company culture matters in business:

  1. Commitment: Whether you are investing in a franchise or accepting a job offer, your commitment is influenced by how you feel about the company culture. You’ll feel more feel connected to the organization if the culture matches your ethics and beliefs and style of interacting.
  2. Prospects: A company with a strong and vibrant culture tends to development programs, training, and be open to adapting new technology. When that mindset is part of the culture of the business, it generates more prospects and opportunities. This benefits you as a franchisee or as an employee.
  3. Recognition: It is human nature to desire recognition and reward. A company culture that acknowledges effort and achievement has greater momentum because people are more motivated. Being part of a company that celebrates and builds on the contributions of its people is a winning team to be part of.

When making the decision to join a new business, people often look to the raw financial numbers and the basic practicalities of location. So why does company culture matter? Being aligned with the ethics and purpose of the organization impacts your level of satisfaction. Also, a strong company culture which values training and rewards growth has more potential for success.