Franchising is well established in Canada and continues to drive growth for our economy. A  respected name, turn-key system, and solid head office support are not the only elements required for a franchise to be successful. Like in any other business, there are specific traits which will influence whether you will be successful within a franchise system. Yes, you need to connect to the culture, be capable of making timely decisions, and know how to plan a budget. What some people overlook is the importance of attitude in franchising.

Your attitude could literally be the reason why your franchise business takes off while someone else falters. Attitude is a key factor in why some franchises fail within just a few years of operation, despite all the training and support offered by their franchisor - while others thrive and profit. Here is why attitude matters during key phases and stages of a franchise business:

Attitude During the Early Days

As a new franchisee, you need to be willing to invest time and energy to establish your business. The system you joined will provide support, back up, and training; but ultimately, it's your activity and work that will make it work. Don’t think that because you’ve joined a successful system, and you can just sit back while the cash rolls in. A system needs to be worked, and establishing a company in a new territory always requires lots of effort and time to build.

Attitude During Setbacks

Having the right attitude is also critical during setbacks. A franchise is like any other small business. There are bad days, and challenges. Being able to maintain a positive attitude even during difficult times can mean the difference between success and failure. It means having a strong belief in yourself, your business, and your goals. This positive attitude will influence your staff to do their best work. Also, your customers, suppliers, and the people you meet in your community will respond to that positivity and find your business more appealing.

Taking Responsibility

As a franchisee, you are a business owner and responsible for results. Blaming others when things don’t go right is not a good attitude. Success comes from being able to take a step back, review the processes in place, ask for support from the franchisor, and follow through on plans. Taking responsibility for your business will empower you to overcome hurdles and setbacks.

Beliefs Drive Results

One of the best predictors of franchisee performance is attitude. Investing in a franchise is a big step, and it is natural to feel an adrenaline rush when of going outside of your comfort zone. It is critical to sign that franchise agreement with the belief that you will make it a success. Going into it with doubt, using words like “if”, and planning what you’ll do when things don't work out is just setting yourself up for failure. Beliefs drive results, so it is important to have the attitude that you will be successful.

Banish Negativity

Have an open mind when it comes to the franchise system you’ve invested in. Banish negativity. There may be policies or procedures you feel won’t work or seem pointless. Trust that they are in place as a result of trial and error, and have a specific reason for your business.  Talk to your franchise support team, and ask good questions. Don’t decide ahead of time that something isn’t going to work. Don’t follow through on actions with a negative view of the outcome.

Remember that as a franchise, you are the driver of the business system you have joined. By starting out in a franchise you are much further ahead that starting your a business on your own from ground zero. Choose a business that fits your lifestyle and goals, select a system you feel has value, and a team you want to be part of. After that, it is all down to your mindset and work ethic. Attitude is the key to success!