When I started Concierge Home Services back in 2001 I made mistakes. It is a right of passage for any new business starting off from scratch. One of the many benefits of joining a franchise system is that you fly over those pitfalls and land on the solid ground of experience. As a franchisee, you have a system to follow, but you are in control of your business, and mistakes can still be made. Here are the top 3 mistakes in a franchised business that you can avoid.

Not Following the System

You chose franchising for a reason - to be part of a team, get support, and have a proven business model to follow. Not following the system you joined is the #1 mistake you can make. When I speak with franchisors and industry professionals at the CFA national conventions, this topic comes up a lot. Great people join great systems, then go off-book and wonder why it's not working. Think of your operating manual as a recipe for your success, and follow it.

Not Taking Care of Yourself

Starting a new franchise business is lots of work, and there is always more to do. If you are not taking care of yourself, and fall ill or get overloaded, then your business will suffer. Plan your schedule to meet your business needs, but also ensure there is time for good nutrition, for enough sleep, for time with friends and family. This discipline is especially important with a home based franchise like ours. We recommend a number of strategies to help our franchise partners get some balance between business and life.

Not Marketing Consistently

It is a common mistake to stop marketing when things get busy. Taking care of clients and staff take up time and energy. As explained in The E-Myth, you have to keep working on your business, and not just in your business. Even when business is booming, never turn off the marketing tap. Stay consistent on your social media platforms, actively networking, and with the other marketing campaigns in your system.

To achieve your dreams of success, avoid these top 3 mistakes in a franchised business.
By Rebecca Page