Many people who feel stuck with the 9-5 routine or limited by corporate politics consider entrepreneurship for more freedom with their finances and lifestyle. Switching tracks from having a job to growing a business is a big adjustment, and isn't for everyone. Franchising has many advantages and benefits which may fit your goals, if you are... Continue Reading

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Researching franchises can be overwhelming. Members of the Canadian Franchise Association include 390 franchise systems in over 60 industry sectors. It's a process to find the right fit for your lifestyle, goals, and budget. Narrowing your... Continue Reading

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I recently made the drive to Niagara Falls for the Canadian Franchise Association National Convention. Here is my math on the event: 14 hours of driving, 3 nights away from my home... Continue Reading

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When I started Concierge Home Services back in 2001 I made mistakes. It is a right of passage for any new business starting off from scratch. One of the many benefits of joining a franchise system is that you fly over those pitfalls and land on the solid ground of experience. As a franchisee, you have a system to follow, but you are in control... Continue Reading

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business. It is unprofessional to share frustrations with your staff, or your clients. You certainly can't share them with your competitors. This is where your creating your circle comes in. 

I don’t mean your circle of family and friends. The people who have loved you long before you were in... Continue Reading

FOMO. I must admit that I didn't know this acronym. When a good friend recently used this phrase in an email to me, I had to open a new tab and Google it. Of course. FOMO. Fear OF Missing Out.  You know, that sense that you *should* be going to this event, you *should* be reading this book, you *should be doing something. Coulda, woulda,... Continue Reading

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Boundaries. We live with them, accommodate them, and move them around sometimes. There are many boundaries in a franchise business, which are set by the franchisor based on the experience they have with running that business. I had an interesting discussion about boundaries with a friend at lunch the other day. Specifically, the boundaries on... Continue Reading

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