How do you feel when it’s that time of year again? No, not the holidays…the annual conference. Most franchise systems and industries have annual conventions. If you are reluctant to travel and leave your daily routine to go to yours, here are 5 reasons to go to annual conferences:

1. Be with peers. Your daily routine might be all about clients, employees, and vendors. An annual conference is an opportunity to be with your peers. You can share, vent, and ask questions in a safe environment - not something you can do in a mixed group that includes your competitors.

2. Be inspired. Make the most of the conference programming. You are taking time away from your business to be there, so really be there. Listen to the speakers instead of scanning email on your phone. Inspiration may be waiting for you at the next keynote!

3. Explore ideas. Conferences often include information about new technology, processes, or research that impacts your business. Missing out on the annual convention can mean getting left behind on the latest development in your field.

4. Boost your skills. Don’t assume that you have nothing left to learn. Go to the workshops, and the breakout sessions. Talk to the people who have more experience than you. Ask questions. A conference is more than networking and meals - it’s an annual training bootcamp to boost your skills, which can improve your performance for the coming year.

5. Get Motivated. Hearing the success stories and achievements of your peers will motivate you. If you are not sure how to get to your new goals, you are in the right place. Annual conferences have opportunities for education and skill building to give you the tools you need to get where you want to go.

Attending your annual conference is an important milestone in your year. It provides you with resources, learning, and skills you can use to develop and grow your business. It’s an opportunity to step away from your usual the day to day, and recharge. You’ll come back with a fresh perspective, and new tools to drive your business forward.